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I still have a lot of these, so here we go again

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You know you want one!

I was browsing my local record store on campus when I found 36 copies of the 311 limited edition clear remix vinyl that came out with the Greatest Hits CD in June 2004 for $1 each. I bought all 36. I know that a lot of fans weren't able to get one because it was rare and such, so if anyone wants one for $5 (covers the cost of the vinyl, envelope, shipping, and a little extra for me because I'm so nice). Here's what it contains: Side A: I'll Be Here Awhile (Cirrus Breakbeat Remix), Side B: All Mixed Up (Butcher Remix). Both which can be found online but the vinyl is still cool to have. This is a limited edition collector's item, so if you want one email me at and we'll figure it out from there. Sorry to be posting this again but I still have a bunch of these, people that have already gotten one from me can vouch that I've followed through. I'm not trying to make a profit or anything, I'm just one hardcore 311 fan trying help out other hardcore 311 fans.
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