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hard like a jam, smooth like a ballad

call it what you want but i call it sound salad

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because some people are confused-

these are not rules, rules are for losers. but here are some guidelines:

to me, it is common courtesy NOT to promote useless crap in other communities, unless it is somewhat relevant or might be interesting to other members. for example, if you want to promote in here, it should have something to do directly with 311. or, maybe not, just something cool. however, rating community promotions are NOT ALLOWED. i hate that shit, and so do a lot of other people.

no anonymous commenting. i've since disabled it, being that some cowards like to bash the thoughts and ideas of others. so, if you plan on starting shit and not leaving your name, look elsewhere.

i understand that not everyone is as equally obsessed with 311. and that's fine, but don't bash other people because you think they're too obsessed or whatever. if you have nothing nice to say, or no CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, don't say anything at all.

and, most importantly, don't bash the band. we are lovers, not haters. if you want to bash the band, make a community for it, but don't do it in a place that's for 311 fans.

please, just use common sense.

keep it positive

questions/comments/threats can be directed to luckydisaster816@hotmail.com

thanks to shortcake311 for the graphic :)